Commonly Asked Questions About Hardwood Flooring 

Do you remove carpet that is covering the current wood floor?

Absolutely. We will pull up the carpet, tack-strip, pad & remaining staples. The carpet will be disposed of for you. 

Is there going be a lot of dust?

No, our sanders run on large dust containment vacuums. A tiny bit of dust does escape however. Our sanding process is as dustless as it gets.

How many days will it take to sand, stain, & finish my floor?

Obviously it depends on the size of your project & the products you choose to use. Generally speaking, oil base takes almost twice as long as water base finish. This is due to drying times. Penetrating oils are typically the fastest. 

  • 0-800 Sq. Ft: 2-3 Days

  • 800-1500 Sq. Ft: 3-5 Days

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Do I have to leave my house? 

Not usually. Clients that opt for water base finish or penetrating oils do not need to leave their home. If you choose to have oil base finish, you should plan to be gone for a minimum of 2 nights.

Can you change the color of my floors? 

Yes we can! The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a color for your current wood floor. Click here to go see our stain guide. 

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Do you refinish stairs? 

We refinish everything that you can walk on. We typically only sand treads but you might be able to talk us into refinishing your risers as well. 

Do you build hardwood staircases? 

We build wood staircases only. This includes rails, newels, and balusters (including wrought iron).

Do you install hardwood floors? 

We install a variety of products: hardwoods, pre-finished wood plank flooring of all kinds, engineered flooring, laminate, LVP, etc. 

Should I get pre-finished or unfinished wood flooring? 

Pre-finished floors are often cheaper. Customers who can't afford a custom unfinished floor typically opt for pre-finished. If you opt for pre-finished flooring, it's crucial that you get a solid 3/4" thick floor or an engineered floor with a 4 mm wear layer. These both can be refinished at least 3-4 times. 

Do you have to sand an un-finished floor before staining it? 

100% yes. An un-sanded floor is off by 1/16 to 1/32 of inch between a large amount of the boards. It is crucial that the sander gets rid of all these lips and edges. If you were to skip this step, your floor would not have that smooth-as-glass feel that only comes from custom on-site finished floors. 

Will these dark spots (typically pet stains) sand out? 

We will not know for sure until we try it but typically the answer is no.  Some woods are more likely to resist the chemicals in pet stains. Pine, Maple, & Hickory all do a great job of this. However, most homes in North America have Oak in them. Oak is very porous and the stains go deep inside. More than likely, the floor will need to be patched or you will need to pick a dark stain color to hide the blemishes. 

Do you patch floors? 

Yes. Any hardwood company that's halfway decent will know how to do a patch that blends in quite well. We can typically get a very close match to your existing wood. Most patches are hard to even spot when we finish. Common reasons for patching include: pet stains, termites, water damage, etc. 

My house flooded. Is my hardwood ruined? 

It depends on how badly it flooded and how quickly it was cleaned up. A bad flood will cause the floor to cup badly almost instantly. Do not do anything to repair the floor at first. Get industrial grade dehumidifiers, fans, and drying blankets going. This will suck the moisture out of your floor and the cupping should drastically decrease. A good professional will have a moisture meter to read how damp your wood is. It should be reading between 6-10% if it is totally dried out. It will need to be refinished when it is done drying. If the cupping is too severe, you will have to replace the floor. Be sure to call your insurance agent. 

How long before we can walk on the newly refinished floors? 

This 100% depends on the product but always need to be socks only the first week after refinishing. 

Stain: 2-8 hours

Water Base finish: 2 hours

Oil Base Finish: 12 hours

Penetrating Oils/ Hard Wax Oils: 12-24 Hours

How long before my pets can walk on my newly finished floors? 

This depends on the size of the animal and the product used to finish the floor.

Big Dogs: 7 Days

Small Dogs: 2-3 Days

Cats: As soon as the finish is dry to touch. 

What finish is best for big dogs? 

No wood flooring can withstand high energy dogs over 80 pounds. High energy pets in general are very bad for wood floors. The finishes that I have seen hold up best over the years to heavy dogs and high energy dogs are commercial grade water base finishes. 

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