What Type Of Wood Is In My House?

We get this question everyday. Here is some information on different types of common hardwood floors that can be found in homes throughout North America and Europe. 

Red Oak

The Original Wood Floor

Red Oak is the cheapest of the hardwoods. It can be found in homes all across North America. It is typically 2.25 inches in width and 3/4 thick. 

Price: $$

Durability: ****

Aesthetic Appeal:** 

Availability: *****

White Oak

Oak, But Better Looking

White Oak hardwood flooring used to be found in any decent house built in the the Early 1900's. Unfortunately, lots of it has been cut down and not replanted. It is typically considered more desirable than Red Oak.  

Price: $$$

Durability: ****

Aesthetic Appeal: ****

Availability: ****

Hard Maple

The Gym Floor Hardwood

You have probably never seen a wood floor In a gymnasium that is not Maple. It is very hard and holds up to heavy use better than most. It also can be found in homes from time to time. It tends to be rather boring when left natural, however it is one of the most beautiful floors when stained a dark color. 

Price: $$$


Aesthetic Appeal: ***

Availability: ***


The King of Hardwoods

One of the most expensive floors money can buy, Walnut is as beautiful as it is expensive. Very dark wood with some lighter tones in the sapwood. Most walnut floors are left natural to show the beauty they possess naturaly. 


Price: $$$$$

Durability: ***

Aesthetic Appeal: *****

Availability: * 

Pine & Douglas Fir

Poor Mans Hardwood

Pine and Douglas Fir are not true hardwoods. They are very soft and do not hold up well. It can be found in many old houses especially on the second story. This was done because it was much lower cost and more prevalent at the time. It is quite beautiful and can be refinished to look amazing. However it is very uncommon that it would be installed in a new house. It has a very rustic look. Due to lack of demand, prices on new Pine have drastically increased because mills do not care to waste their time making it anymore.  



Aesthetic Appeal: ***


Hickory & Others

Unique Hardwoods

There are a plethora of other exotic hardwoods that are available. They include Hickory, Brazilian Cherry, Pecan & Birds Eye Maple. 

Plan to pay a premium for these woods. They tend to be extremely durable and hard to come by.