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At Lumberjack Flooring, we place the needs of our customers at the forefront—from beginning to end. With friendly, welcoming in-office team members and hardworking laborers who perfect each job, we strive to provide exceptional customer experiences every time

We uphold this idea of value-filled service across all aspects of our business. Our positive work environment provides excellent jobs for hardworking individuals who treat others with kindness and respect. Each and every employee is compensated competitively to reflect our appreciation for their unwavering dedication and diligent work. The Lumberjack Flooring team is proud to offer well-paying jobs, a fun and positive work environment, top-notch vehicles and equipment, and a bright future. If you’re interested in joining our team, don’t hesitate to apply today!

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Sit back and relax when we come to your home. Our team handles all the furniture moving, clean-up, and any other preparation needed.

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Meet the Team

Partner, Founder
David Kelly

According to his parents, David has loved organizing and managing business operations since he was a child. He spent his youth working on a dairy farm and running the family lawn care business—both of which taught him discipline and the value of a dollar. In college, he began working for a logging company in Berrien Springs, MI, and learned all about forestry. In this job, David fell in love with the lumber industry, which is what inspired the name of his very own business—Lumberjack Flooring. David continued to hone his skills in the industry, even learning a few tips from his brother along the way, who owned a hardwood restoration business. In the fall of 2017, David founded Lumberjack Flooring. Shortly after, he graduated from Andrews University with a Bachelor's degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing. Since then, his values of high-quality work and top-notch professionalism haven’t changed. Over the years, David has attended multiple industry training events and has been factory trained by Pallman, Norton Abrasives, Lagler, and Berger Seidle. In 2021, he earned his Michigan Residential Builders license so that if needed, Lumberjack Flooring can repair more than just hardwood floors.

Julie Kelly

As the last name suggests, Julie is David Kelly's younger sister. Since the two had grown up in the country, surrounded by nature's beauty, it was only a matter of time before Kelly joined her big brother at Lumberjack Flooring. Her passion and appreciation for the great outdoors led her to a love of the hardwood flooring industry. Julie received her bachelor's degree in business with an emphasis on marketing, and in 2021, she joined Lumberjack Flooring. With hard work and dedication, Julie's ability to efficiently oversee the business operations led her to become a managing partner of the company in 2023. Julie says, “Not many people can say they love what they do, but I’m lucky enough to say that about owning and operating Lumberjack Flooring.” She loves meeting customers and providing the best service possible for all their hardwood flooring needs and is grateful to have a front-seat view of the future of Lumberjack Flooring.

Project Manager
Patrick Denny

Like David and Julie, Patrick grew up surrounded by nature, specifically 20 acres of hardwood forest in Kingsley, MI. Patrick recalls spending weeks splitting wood with his father and three brothers each summer. Looking back, this is where his appreciation for the forest, and the lumber it provides, began. After graduating with a Business Degree from Eastern Michigan University and a short stint in the corporate world, Patrick decided to pursue a career in carpentry. In the past five years, Patrick has found that hardwood flooring gives him the most satisfaction and success, and he is deeply passionate about his work at Lumberjack Flooring. While serving as project manager, he is enrolled in the National Wood Floor Association’s education program and attends nationwide industry events yearly.

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