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Frequently Asked Questions
Find the Answers to Your Most Pressing Hardwood Flooring Questions & More

Answering All Your Hardwood Floor FAQs in St. Joseph and Berrien Counties, and Surrounding Areas

At Lumberjack Flooring, we’re here for all your hardwood flooring needs! Check out our FAQs below, and if you have any other questions, contact our friendly team of experts at (269) 247-5167.

How long does it take to refinish a floor?
Most floors can be refinished in three to five days, but the timeframe can vary depending on the square footage and any unique requirements. For an accurate estimate and price, don’t hesitate to contact our team at (269) 247-5167.
How do I clean hardwood floors?
Hardwood floor cleaning doesn’t have to be a burden if you clean a little bit each day. We recommend sweeping or dry-mopping daily and deep cleaning your hardwood floors once a month. You can use hardwood floor cleaner or a combination of vinegar and water when deep cleaning. For more information about cleaning your hardwood floors, reach out to our team.
Do I have to move out of my house for a refinish?

Many of our clients can continue living in their homes while we refinish their hardwood floors, but it depends on your current floorplan.  If the area we’re refinishing isn’t in a high-traffic location and can easily be avoided, then there is no need to move out!

Ultimately, whether you choose to remain in your home during a refinishing project or not is completely up to you. If you do choose to stay, we use water-based finishes that are fast drying and have low odor, so you’ll experience minimal disruption to your daily routine. We also ask that animals be secluded in another area of the home or head to daycare for a few days to ensure the project is completed without disruption.

Do I need to do anything to prepare?
Nope! We can assist with moving and storing your furniture on-site in a weatherproof container while we complete your project. We even have fast-drying, eco-friendly floor coating options that allow you to continue living in your home while we work (layout permitting).
What sheen of finish do you recommend?
We recommend satin or matte finishes for your hardwood floor refinishing. We’ve found that these sheens are long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and don’t show footprints and dirt as much compared to other finishes.
What stains do you recommend?
Berger Seidle stains are our favorite, but Bona and Duraseal are also excellent options. We don’t typically recommend water-based stains but don’t hesitate to ask our team for more information about which stain is right for your floors.
Do you move furniture?
We do! We can move any necessary furniture and store it on-site in a weatherproof container throughout your project. These include, but are not limited to: wall art, couches, tables, appliances, desks, chairs, and more.
Is an oil-based or water-based finish better?

It all depends on your home’s needs and your preferences. Water-based finishes dry quickly and offer a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and odor. However, water-based finishes can be more costly and show wear sooner than oil-based finishes. 

On the other hand, oil-based finishes offer a rich-golden appearance while still being price friendly. It’s important to note that oil-based finishes often have a higher VOC, more intense odor, dry slower than water-based finishes, and may become yellow with time.

How long before I can put the furniture back?
We recommend waiting at the bare minimum, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours after we have completed your flooring. For certain projects, however, we may recommend waiting  three days until moving any furniture, rugs, or mats. If you wait the recommended time, you can avoid aesthetic imperfections or durability issues caused by moving furniture too soon.
How long before I can put rugs back?
For water-based finishes, we recommend waiting at least three days before putting your rugs back and 30 days for oil-based finishes. Without even sun exposure, the oil-based finish won’t cure properly, and you may end up with light spots if you put rugs down too soon. If you have more questions about hardwood floor maintenance, reach out to one of our hardwood floor refinishers at (269) 247-5167.
What polyurethane does Lumberjack Flooring use?
We use commercial-grade water-based finishes from Berger Seidle and Bona, including, but not limited to, Green Star, Traffic HD, and more. Our commercial-grade oil-based finishes include Bona, Berger Seidle, Poloplaz, Woodline, Primero, and LT Export.
I have large dogs; what finish should I use to protect my floors?
We recommend a commercial-grade oil-based finish to protect your floors against your larger furry friends. Additionally, keeping pet nails trimmed and putting rugs down in major walkways are good precautions against the wear and tear of your hardwood floors.
Do you sell wood?
Lumberjack Flooring is proud to sell solid wood, engineered, pre-finished, and Coretec LVP and LVT wood. Visit our Berrien Springs, MI showroom to check out our award-winning engineered hardwood flooring options and more!
Do you install materials that the customer purchased?
Our team can typically install material that a customer has purchased on a project-by-project basis. We cannot guarantee we’ll be able to install materials we don’t specifically offer, which is why we’ll need to inspect the materials before installation. If we’re not able to install your pre-purchased flooring, we’ll be happy to recommend a flooring company that can.
How many times can a wood floor be refinished?
Your hardwood floors can be refinished five to seven times, depending on your floor's thickness. If your floors have large scratches, discoloration, water damage, creaking or moving floorboards, or you simply want to update the look and feel of your hardwood floors, Lumberjack Flooring can refinish your floors so they look like new!
How do I clean pre-finished hardwood floors?
We recommend sweeping or dry-mopping daily to reduce debris build-up and maintain your finish's lifespan. When mopping, we advise using a microfiber mop for a scratch-free clean.
Don’t see your question here?
If you have more questions, please call us at (269) 247-5167! We also have a Youtube channel that answers many more frequently asked questions.

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